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How to Beat the Summer Heat in Austin, Texas

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Uncategorized |

It is June and the sun is all over us again. Are you suffering from intense heat in Austin, Texas? If you do, then don’t worry because I have solution for you. There are ways of beating the Summer Heat in Austin Texas to cool your body. Here is a guide on how to beat the Summer Heat in Austin, Texas:

1. Try out “Swimmin’ Hole!”

Have you hit Hamilton Pool, Barton Springs, and Deep Eddy already? You can also go to Spicewood and relax in the Krause Springs. It is located just 30 miles west of Austin in Texas. If you visit the place, you will showcase your best swinging cannonballs at the same time taking in the butterfly garden and waterfall. This is an amazing experience that you will never forget when visiting in Austin Texas.

RV camping or primitive tent is available on site for those who would like to spend more day in this amazing summer paradise. When traveling to this place, you should leave pets and credit cards at home.

2. Are you feeling brave?

If you are feeling brave, Lake Travis is the place to visit during summer in Austin. You can take Paddleboard Yoga classes offered at Lakeway. You will enjoy cold water as you swim in this remarkable lake. It is also affordable since you will only spend $20 for the class and board rental. It is not a bad way of staying away from hot heat during summer.

However, you should ensure that pre-register online as classes often fill up quickly. You will also get to meet friends who come for the classes.

3. Tour Levitate over Lake Travis

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Aquafly provides an opportunity to knock, which off your bucket list at the same time staying cool. You will definitely enjoy flyboard experience in Austin. A full flight packages can cost from $89 to $219 offered throughout the week. For those who want to experience it for first time, one must take a mandatory introductory course costing only $39. This is a reasonable cost to achieve that lifelong dream during summer in Austin Texas.

4. Hike the Outdoorsmen

Hiking may sometimes sound counterintuitive to just staying cool, but when temperatures drop very low at higher altitudes, you will have an amazing experience. You can tour Guadalupe Mountains National Park in West Texas. It is the highest state’s peak at about 8,751 feet.

In conclusion, these are some of the easy ways to beat the Summer Heat in Austin Texas.

This article was a contribution from Fresh Insulation in Austin Texas.

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Facts about Texas

Facts about Texas

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in American history, Texas |

Did you know that flirting is forbidden in San Antonio? This is true, no matter how awkward it sounds. When I researched about ridiculous laws in the USA that are still active, I found out about this fact. That gave me the inspiration to research about the state of Texas. To see are there some other ridiculous laws over there, or something that I didn’t know about this state. It was educational for me, so I think it will be for you. So relax, sit back, and enjoy what I found out.

Gold TrophyOscar is from Texas. I knew this story before. About how famous award Oscar got its name. It’s because of a girl who worked in this institute saw a statue and said that this statue reminded her of her uncle Oscar. That is how this award got its name, but that Oscar was from Texas. His real name is Oscar Pierce.

The term Maverick. Maverick is a popular term in American history. Presidential candidate John McCain called himself this way and called also his running mate Sarah Palin. It means that this person does things in an unusual way. It is a popular term in Texas because of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks as well. But this term came from the name of Texas XIX century lawyer, Samuel Maverick. Like this term, he had some unusual ways of doing things around.

Texas is big. You probably knew that Texas, after Alaska, is the biggest state in the USA. But, did you know that if Texas were a country, it would be the fortieth largest country in the world? It got 268 601 square miles, and it’s bigger than countries like Zambia and Chile. Also, if Texas was a country, he would be the seventh largest producer of greenhouse gasses in the world.
You are aware that Houston is the capital and the largest city in Texas. But did you hear about a city called Slaughter? This weirdly named town has one of the greatest records of all cities. This city did not have a single homicide in his entire history.

Lone star state. This the nickname of the state and it’s there to remind people that Texas is an independent state from Mexico. While was in Mexico, Texas was called Tejas. Because of this, Texas flag is also called Lone Star. Courage, liberty and loyalty represent colors on this flag, red, white and blue.

mferguson-p01-2-e1449504187520-300x200Women of Texas. The first woman who born a white child in Texas is celebrated in this country by the name Mother of Texas. Her name is Jane Long. Also, a great women’s name of Texas is a first female governor of this State. Her name is Miriam Ferguson. She is also a second elected woman in the USA.

The Strange thing about the Dallas TV show. Dallas TV show was quite popular in the eighties. And not just in America. It was broadcasted in more than ninety countries. However, there is an interesting story about this show and country called Romania. Dictator’s regime broadcasted this show to see how people in America are corrupted and awful. However, people thought differently. When they saw how people in America live better than them, they organized and killed their leader and ever since then they haven’t had any fascist and dictators regime.

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